Hanging Screens

Hanging perspex screens are the perfect solution for creating a safe distance and is also easy to assemble. With a choice of mounting systems, hanging the perspex screen is a snap. Our hanging perspex screens are good to use in supermarkets, reception desks, counters, at cash registers, etc. Due to the high transparency of 92%, our hanging perspex screens are an ideal solution for many companies and stores.

If your desired size is not listed or if you have other questions about our hanging perspex screens? Please contact us, our team is ready to help you.


Hanging perspex screens – 3MM

The 3mm hanging perspex screens offer high quality protection at a competitive price/quality ratio. The 3mm hanging perspex screens are available in combination with a suspension set for a normal ceiling or system ceiling. The perspex is attached to the suspension set by means of hooks, the holes have already been drilled in the perspex screen. Both suspension systems contain a cable of 3 meters long, so that it can be adjusted as desired.

Interested in the 3mm hanging perspex screens? Select the size and the desired mounting system.

£22.41£84.30 excl. VAT

Hanging perspex screens – 4MM

The 4mm hanging perspex screens are sturdy and stable and available with a suspension kit for a normal ceiling or system ceiling. The suspension system is attached to the screen by means of clips. The suspension sets have a cable length of 3 meters, so you can adjust them exactly to the length you want.

Interested in the 4mm perspex hanging screens? Select the size and the desired suspension set.

£37.02£101.16 excl. VAT


Our perspex, also known as PMMA XT or Acrylic, is high quality that is tested by ISO standards. Because of this, we can always offer you high quality perspex! In addition, perspex is easily recyclable, allowing the material to be reused for other applications at a later time. Our perspex is weather resistant, so no discoloration occurs after prolonged use. Perspex is easy to clean with a damp cloth and glass cleaner (recommended PH value 9-10). The corners of the screens are rounded, so there are no unsafe sharp points.


  • Suspension sets: choice of hooks (3mm screen) or clamps (4mm screen)
  • Ceiling hanger kit: choice between normal ceiling (with screws) or system ceiling
  • Cable length for hanging set: 3 meters (adjustable)
  • Color perspex screen: transparent/clear
  • Thickness perspex screen: 3mm, 4mm
  • Perspex screen corners: rounded