Plexiglass for the catering industry

Use plexiglass screens to provide optimal protection for your guests and your staff

Plexiglass screens with or without opening

Place a plexiglass screen on the counter to protect your receptionist or bar staff. A screen with a cut-out also makes it possible to hand out menus to visitors, for example. The screens are available with or without a cut-out and come in various sizes, both in height and width.

Fixing feet or table clamps for every style

Plexiglass screens are now a permanent and essential part of your catering establishment. Therefore, choose a mounting foot or table clamp that matches the look of your restaurant or terrace. The largest range of fixing materials can be found at PlexiDirect.

    • Stainless steel, stylish and exclusive
    • Aluminum, easy to (de)mount
    • Wood, in various colours
    • Plexiglass, in diverse shapes

Frequently used in catering industry

£68.00£94.00 excl. VAT
£42.00£76.00 excl. VAT

Disinfection columns

The disinfection column with contactless dispenser makes it very easy for your employees to clean their hands regularly. The disinfection columns with contactless dispensers will soon be available with an automatic temperature check via the wrist. Ask for the availability.

The right route

Use the barrier posts with pull-out ribbon that you can place in any location to indicate to youw customers the desired route in your restaurant.

The barrier posts are available in black and silver.

Seperated but still together

Now that guests can meet on the terrace or in your restaurant, you want to ensure that they can keep their distance. At the same time, the guests must be able to see and speak to each other unhindered.

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