Safely back to the office

Now that home office advice has been dropped in most countries, it is important to create safe workplaces for employees. We like to think along with you in the area of perspex screens.

A perspex screen is a pleasant and also elegant solution to guarantee a safe (working) distance between colleagues in offices, practices and work spaces. These perspex screens can easily be placed between desks and workplaces, preventing direct contact between colleagues.

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Efficient use of space

The perspex screens can be placed between desks that are close to each other and they can be mounted in various ways, making efficient use of the available space. The screen is also almost invisible due to its high transparency.

Suitable advice

There are various types and sizes of perspex screens, such as specific office screens, counter screens and hanging screens. They can be mounted on the side of the desk with a table clamp or placed on the desk with a table base. We will be happy to help you choose the right screen, mountings, dimensions and quantities.

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