Perspex for schools

In order to provide optimal protection for your pupils, teachers and other staff, perspex screens are available for schools and classrooms

Perspex screens with or without cut-out

Perspex screens with a cut-out provide protection for teachers, but also allow teaching materials to be given to pupils.

The screens can be supplied in various sizes, both in height and width.

Table support or table clamps

Choose from the large selection of table support to place the perspex on the desk or the school table.

To mount the perspex screen to the table, various table clamps are available in different colours and material.

    • Stainless steel, stylish and exclusive
    • Aluminum, easy to mount
    • Wood, in several colours
    • Perspex, in different shapes

Frequently used in schools

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Mobile and safe

If you want to be able to easily take the screen to the pupil, use the handle that can be attached to any screen.

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More info

Contactless desinfection column

The disinfection column with contactless dispenser is very suitable for students and teachers to clean their hands at the entrance.

The disinfection column has a sturdy floor stand and is equipped with a contactless dispenser and a drip tray. The liquid is dosed automatically by using batteries and an infrared sensor.

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