Eliminate chance of viruses with our plexiglass solutions

Counter screens

Make sure you create a safe distance between customers or colleagues with our sophisticated preventative counter screens. Whether it is for a shop, at the dentist or at the front desk; our prevention screens, supplied with attractive stylish feet, are ideal for this.  In the middle, at the bottom is a cutout 30x15cm (LxB) so that documents or other items can be handed through.

Office screens

In addition to our counter screens there is also the option to position standing office screens in your workplace. These plexiglass screens are easy to assemble in uprights/feet. Choose from different feet designs and models: solid oak, oak, white or black laminated, plexiglasss or stainless steel. This screen is also available in an assortment of sizes and is a valuable addition to your office desk.

Hanging prevention screens

Prefer a hanging screen? We also offer a solution for situations where there is no table or counter avalable. Our hanging plexiglasss screens are perfectly suited for this. The 4 mm screens can be suspended with a clamping system. These clamps can be fastened at any position along the screen giving the freedom to suspend from your ceiling. The standard 3 mm hanging screens are suspended by a hook.