Frequently asked questions

The order I have received is not complete, is this correct?

It may happen that you do not receive your order in one go. The plexiglass screens and mounting feet or clamps are in many cases sent in separate packages. In that case you will always receive 2 track & trace codes.

I have ordered transparent plexiglass, but it seems matt?

In this case, you probably have not yet removed the foil on both sides.

What is the delivery time?

Within 24 hours after you place your order, it will be sent to you. It will then take up to 3-5 working days before you receive your order. In exceptional cases, the delivery of your package will take longer.

What payment methods are there at

PlexiDirect offers the option of secure payment with Credit- or Debitcard of by PayPal.

What can I use plexiglass for?

Plexiglas is comparatively not heavy and can be up to 25 times stronger than glass. It is also very easy to process and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications. Think, for example, of interior and furniture construction, signs, light boxes, shop fitting, partitions, etc.

What does 'UV-resistant' mean?

UV-resistant means that the colour of the plexiglass is not affected by sunlight shining on it.

What does 'scratch resistant' mean?

The term ‘scratch resistant’ means: ‘Resistant to a slightly abrasive load’. This includes frequent cleaning with a cloth.