Work covid-proof in the office

In these times, it is especially important to take preventive measures against the spread of covid. The rule of keeping a sufficient distance is well known to everyone by now, but it is far from easy to implement. This is particularly an obstacle when there is not much space available at workstations or when people simply do not think about maintaining a distance. But with small changes, we can still prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, here are some tips on how to work covid-proof in the office.

Make use of perspex screens

Perspex screens can be a solution when it is difficult to maintain a suitable distance. These are screens made of perspex, which effectively prevents the spread of viruses. A covid Perspex screen is a pleasant and also elegant solution to guarantee a safe (working) distance between colleagues in offices, practices and workshops. These perspex screens can be placed between desks, preventing direct contact between colleagues. This application contributes to a covid-proof office.

A major advantage of these perspex screens is that they can be placed between desks that are close to each other, which makes it possible to use the available space efficiently. Due to its high transparency, the screen is almost invisible.

There are different types and sizes of perspex screens, such as office screens, but also counter screens and hanging screens.

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Change the office layout

When there is more space available in the office, the layout can be changed. This way, sufficient distance can be ensured between the workstations, so that work can be done without concern. Furthermore, chairs can be removed from various areas, such as the dining area and meeting room, in order to keep enough distance from other colleagues there as well.

The advantage is that changing the office layout can be done quickly after a few moves. A disadvantage may be that there is not enough space in the office to create enough workplaces with enough distance between the desks.

Take hygienic measures

Good personal hygiene is very important when fighting a virus. It is important to disinfect workplaces frequently in order to remain working in a covid-proof office. It is also recommended to wash and disinfect hands regularly. To make this easier, it is recommended to purchase hand sanitizer dispensers. These dispensers can be placed in different rooms to guarantee the hygiene of colleagues. It is important to create enough disinfection points in order to prevent dispersion. For instance, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can be placed at the entrance of the office, at the kitchen and at workplaces.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

A great advantage of these hand sanitizer dispensers is that they can be operated without contact. This means that disinfectant will come out of the dispenser automatically by means of a sensor. They are also easy to move and refill. There are also hand sanitizer dispensers with a built-in temperature gauge, which provides even more safety. In addition to the spray being emitted when a hand comes close, the temperature is also measured. This temperature sensor measures the temperature of the hand and if it is too high, a red light will come on. The contactless disinfection column thus contributes to a covid-proof office.

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Safe working covid-proof office

In the office too, measures can be taken to keep working safely and to prevent the spread of covid. For instance, perspex screens can be placed between desks to maintain a safe working distance between colleagues. Another option is to rearrange the office to create a distance between workstations. Finally, personal hygiene is an important part of fighting a virus, and hand sanitizer dispensers can be installed.