What does perspex cost?

Perspex (also known as acrylic) is a type of plastic that softens when heated, this allows it to be easily made into a variety of shapes. Perspex is transparent and can be used for many different applications.

Perspex prices

The price of perspex varies and depends on the size, thickness and quality of the material. Perspex is cheaper than glass and therefore a good glass substitute. Untreated, the average prices of perspex per square meter are the following:

  • 3 mm thickness £40 per m2
  • 5 mm thickness £60 per m2
  • 8 mm thickness £80 per m2

Thicknesses of perspex

Perspex can have various thicknesses, a limited thickness will quickly fall into the same price range as double glazing. The thicker the perspex, the higher the price will be. Sheets with a thickness of 2 millimeters are soon strong enough.

Perspex with a thickness up to 3 millimeters is easily bendable and is widely used in various applications. The thicker the perspex is, the more solid it will be. Of course, which thickness is best to use depends entirely on the size and function of the sheet.

Types of perspex

Plexidirect offers various types and sizes of perspex sheets. Our perspex sheets have a thickness of 3, 4 or 6 millimeters and are all of good quality. Thanks to our wide range, you can come to us for screens with and without cut-out, but also for hanging screens. And all of this in combination with good quality table feet and table clamps for attaching to the perspex screen. The types of screens offered are: office screens, counter screens and hanging screens.

Prices of the different types of perspex screens from Plexidirect including fixing materials:

Office screens 3mm             £32 to £93

Office screens 4mm             £75 to £125

Office screens 6mm             £97 to £288

Counter screens 3mm         £32 to £90

Counter screens 4mm         £83 to £125

Counter screens 6mm         £105 to £145

Hanging screens 3mm        £48 to £125

Hanging screens 4mm        £56 to £139

The above prices are indicative and vary according to the size and thickness of the screen and the associated mounting material.

Cut perspex to size

At Plexidirect it is also possible to let the perspex screens be cut to size. The choice consists of 3 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm perspex. The price of cutting the perspex to size is between £27 and £250.

Perspex is known as a very: It is lighter in weight, as much as 25 times stronger, and at the same time cheaper. In addition, it is weatherproof, preventing discoloration, and is fairly easy to work with. Interested in screens made of perspex? Check out the website of Plexidirect.co.uk or contact our customer service for appropriate advice.