Perspex and glass: what’s the difference?

Perspex and normal glass are almost indistinguishable at first glance. Both are transparent and can be used for the same purposes. Yet perspex and glass are different materials, because perspex is a plastic and is also called acrylate. The main differences between the two are listed below.

  1. Perspex is lighter

A big advantage of perspex is that it weighs much less than glass and therefore offers great weight savings. Perspex is about twice as light as regular glass.

  1. Perspex is stronger

Perspex is up to 25 times stronger than glass. This seems almost impossible, but it is true. Perspex is made of plastic that can bend, the flexibility of this material makes it less likely to break.

  1. Perspex is clearer

Perspex allows more than 90 percent light through and is thus brighter than glass. This makes it almost inconspicuous when you place a perspex screen on your desk.

  1. Perspex is cheaper

A nice advantage of perspex is that it is cheaper than regular glass. Glass costs between 60 and 100 euros per square meter, while perspex costs between 40 and 80 euros. The prices depend on the thickness of the glass.

  1. Perspex is easy to work with

Perspex is also easy to work with and can therefore be used for many different applications. For example, it is used as a glass replacement in front windows and canopies or as protection for paintings or photographs. Perspex is also used as protection against viruses, perspex screens can be placed in offices, stores and restaurants.

  1. Perspex is safer

Perspex is impact resistant, this means that it does not shatter when it breaks. This does happen with normal glass. Perspex, on the other hand, is not suitable as safety glass, this is because the material is flammable. When burned, there will be hardly any smoke and only water vapor and carbon dioxide are released, these are completely harmless substances.

  1. Perspex is recyclable

Perspex is also easy to recycle, which means that the material can be used at a later date for other applications.

Ordering perspex screens

Plexidirect has a large selection of perspex screens of various sizes. Easily order an office screen, counter screen or hanging perspex screen via the webshop. It is also possible to order perspex cut to size using our configurator. The perspex sheets can then be used for various applications.